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There are great songs around the world, great adventures, and great people. Sometimes we need to be sad, sometimes we need to celebrate. Reasons to dance, laugh, and most of all connect with each other.

PRINCESS Internet Radio

The adventure of sharing music with the world.

Virtual Worlds have everything. EXCEPT - No violence.

People learn to communicate talk, laugh, and learn about other cultures and yes virtual has drama. Did you know that everyone in the world thinks they are crazy? Who Knew?? There are relationships and bonds that are not like what you get in the "Real" World. A place where you can relax and make new friends. You have to use your personality, your wit, your mind and any good jokes you know.

Covid didn't make virtual world communities come to a standstill when Covid stopped the real world. Virtual increased due to the ability to reach out to loved ones and friends. Weddings and birthdays, sadly even funerals; virtual communities could come together to morn and celebrate. 


Internet Radio like you have never experienced.

Live shows broadcasted from

the virtual worlds and from real world.

Get Royal - Get PRINCESS

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For Adults Only

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